Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A weird dream

I'm not even sure whether i should pen this down but I just had the most fucking weirdest dream ever.

I dreamt that I was in Aunt Ah Ling's house with her son. Her son is quite the accomplished person, already earning around 4k in his early years. Now he started acting (in my perception) patronizing towards me and stuff and since we talked about how he can be prideful sometimes i whispered in his year that he is too prideful and all of a sudden it erupted into a full scale argument with me telling him that there are loads of people better than him or what not and all of a sudden it's all about revealing dark secrets in each other's family and god for some reason I actually dreamt about a very screwed up secret on my family's side being revealed and due to it's magnitude i decide not to pursue that matter any longer and have him and me apologizing to everyone and stuff.

My god that is such a mind freak. I had to write without punctuation because it's a dream sequence and it's way to surreal to fit into a grammatically perfect paragraph.

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